Ashok Hotel Matheran


Ashok Hotel offers you fully furnished spacious rooms

Ashok Hotel is just 10 minutes walk from station / market & Jain temple. Cottage by cottage, the Hotel has come up long way treasuring the Heritage of tradition. Refraining from concretizing, Ashok Hotel has set up itself apart to give you the true Feel of Nature.

A Place with a Beautiful Garden and Peaceful atmosphere

Ashok Hotel is Situated in picturesque LandScape. Ashok Hotel is a 205 year old Hotel Bungalow now a Heritage structure covering area of 7.5 acres of land surrounded by natural greenery, Springs, garden and swimming pool facing the bungalow and open spaces for recreation. It has a cricket ground for day and night cricket playing facility.

How To Reach Matheran

Mumbai-Neral, 90 kms. Neral-Matheran,21 kms,
From Mumbai CST, only a few of the Pune expresses stops at Neral Junction, including the Deccan Express and the Koyna Express. Most (but not all)of expresses from Mumbai stops at Karjat further down the line from Neral, from where you can backtrack on one of the frequent local trains. Alternatively, take a local Karjat bound train from Mumbai CST and get off at Neral.

Pune-Neral, 120 kms. (Neral-Matheran mountain train)
From Pune take a one of the few Mumbai bound expresses that stops at Neral (such as the Sahyadri Express) or one of the expresses which stops at Karjat and then get a local train from there up to Nerul.

By Road

From Mumbai
Mumbai-Neral-Matheran, 108 kms.

While going to Matheran by road, take Mumbai-Pune Highway(NH-4) upto Chowk Village and turn to Karjat road. From Karjat, the same road goes to Dasturi Naka, i.e. entrance of Matheran via Neral.

Get on to the Mumbai Pune Expressway at Panvel (Near McDonalds). Get onto the expressway to avoid the congested road through Panvel. Take the first exit (Shedung/Khopoli Exit) that comes less than 5 minutes after you get onto the expressway at McDonalds. (Here you will need to Pay a Toll at the toll-booth for using the expressway). This exit gets you back onto the Old Mumbai-Pune Road. Follow directions to proceed towards Pune. Once again you will have to pay a toll for using the old Bombay Pune Road. (Toll in both places is about Rs.25 each).

Follow the old Mumbai-Pune road for approximately 10 km. This will bring you to a crossing where a big green sign asks you to turn left for Karjat/Matheran. (Do not miss this crossing as otherwise you will end up in Khopoli. There is a large statue of Hindu god Shiva on right side of the old Mumbai-Pune Highway which can be seen from a long distance. The left turn about 50 metres before the statue).

9 km After turning left you reach another crossing called Charphata Karjat where you need to turn left towards Neral.
11 km After turning left, you will reach the bottom of the Matheran Hill ghat road.
Turn left here and climb 7 km to the Matheran Dasturi Car park.

From Pune
Set off towards Mumbai on the Pune-Mumbai expressway. Get off the Pune-Mumbai Expressway at the Khopoli exit after passing Lonavla/Khandala and get onto the old Pune-Mumbai road. Approximately 18 km later, you turn right as per a big green sign, in Chouk town. Follow the signs from then on.

One can also exit Pune-Mumbai NH4 at Haal Phata near Khopoli to enter SH 35 which will take you straight to the bottom of Matheran Ghat Road.

Local Transport
Parking facilities are available at Dasturi Naka, Matheran. From this point into the town center, either a trek on foot or on horseback or by hand pulled rickshaws, as motor vehicles are prohibited within the hill-station area. During rainy season Train Services are not regular. Taxi takes about 20 minutes to reach Dasturi Naka from Neral. To go around Matheran, one has to walk or avail the services of horses or handcart (single seater).State Transport buses regularly ply from Mumbai and Pune. A taxi from Neral to Matheran takes about half hour to reach. Taxis stop about 2.5 km from the centre of the hill station.Vehicles of any kind are not permitted in the town, which makes it a very quiet, serene place.

Horses and hand-pulled rickshaws are the only transport options in Matheran. From the Dasturi car park, it's a 30 minute walk to the centre, or you can hire a horse. Walking is quicker than being pulled along in a rickshaw.


Enjoying Nice Place to Stay in Matheran| Ashok Hotel

Ashok Hotel Spreads its cottage & bungalow in sprawling 7.5 acres, every room surrounded by trees & greenery for the freshness of life. The open skies and chirps of the birds add to the charm of atmosphere. True to the customs of India, the setting of the hotel is like a small village amidst the woods. The setting up of our hotel is like setting a small village in the forest .Come here and feel the environment. The veranda of our hotel Bungalow which can occupy 100 persons can be utilized as a dance floor during the monsoon and Gymkhana throughout the year. It is approximately 400Sq. ft. .


At Ashok Hotel it is said that every sunrise brings new hopes in life, new energies to work and similarly every sunset leaves the dream in eyes about what's coming and when you see it in such a lovely way. It recharges and refreshes you. Don't miss all these lovely moments after coming at our hotel. The rooms of the hotel are having Cozy Beds and TV sets for catching up the daily news, One loves to stay in our A/C Cottages.  



Facilities Available at Ashok Hotel


Surrounded By Beautiful Garden and Peaceful atmosphere.
Swimming Pool.
Deluxe A/c, Non A/c Self Contained Rooms. Inter Com Facility.
Vegetarian / Non Spicy Food (Jain Food available if Request).
Laundry Services, Doctor on Call (Ambulance), C.C.T.V.
Delicious Gujrati Thali our Specilality. Punjabi and Chinese Dishes also served.
Spacious Rooms with Modern Ammenities. Attached Bathroom with W.C.

Games and Amenities
Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom, Cradle etc. Indoor and outDoor Games.
Near by important Sight Seeing Points & Jain Derasar.
Special Packages for School Students.
Peaceful enchanting woodlands.


All About Matheran : Matheran - A Hill Station


Matheran is an eco-sensitive region, declared by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are not allowed, which makes the place different from others. Matheran takes you over a hundred years back in time when there were no vehicles. Because of vehicles being banned in Matheran, the place is quite peaceful despite the thousands of visitors coming to visit throughout the year.


Panorama Point:
This point is a very beautiful one, for you can see a panoramic view of the hills on the left and a beautiful Ulhas River to the right. This point is too far from Matheran, and only one road leads to it, but you get a good price for your travel. This point is perfect for Sunrise and is also called 'Sunrise Point. 

Charlotte Lake:
Beautiful Lake in Matheran. The magnificent surroundings and the peaceful calm that envelops the lake will make you feel like going there time and again. The lake is also the only source of water atop the beautiful hill resort of Matheran. 

Heart Point:
Here one can see a beautiful scene of the valley and this point looks like heart, so it is named so.

Monkey Point:
Here you can see the monkeys in large numbers and their mischief life-sized.


Malang Point:
Malang Point is one among the numerous points at Matheran. From this point there is a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, at Hashya Cha Patti Village.


Luisa Point:
Louisa Point is an imposing location in Matheran to have beautiful views of surrounding scenic places. The point located at a plateau offer the views of historical forts Vishalgad fort and Prabhal fort. This is a great spot for having eye catching views of sunset.

Honeymoon Hill:
A favorite spot for newly wedded couples.

Echo Point:
Deriving its name from the echo it provides, this point also offers picturesque views of the surroundings including waterfalls.

Lords Point:
One can see the Prabal Fort and Louisa Point from here. It also presents a beautiful sunset scene. It is located near charlotte lake.

One Tree Hill:
One Tree Point or One tree hill is a unique hill spot with a single Jambhul tree perched at the top. The walk through the road known as Shivaji’s ladder, going down from the hill to the plain is really a great experience. It is a good train fro trekkers. It is believed that the path was discovered by a British collector to Thane, Hugh Poyntz Malet.

Paymasters Park:
This historic park is a popular picnic spot in Matheran with different varieties of flowers and beautifully arranged benches. The statues of Malet, Lt.Col. Paymaster and S. L. Panday are erected here for their contribution to the place.

Mount Barry:
Mount Barry is one of the highest spots in Matheran and the Governor's Hill (another viewpoint) is located between the Panorama Point and Mount Barry. 

Artist Point:
It is another famous point situated near Paymaster Park.

Khandala Point:
It is situated near the Karsandas Library and offers a good view of Garbut point. The scene of the waterfalls in the rainy season is absolutely mind-blowing. 


Alexandar Point:
Alexander Point is one of the great scenic locations in Matheran and is located on the side of Madhavji road. On the backdrop of jungle greeneries, the point offers grandeur picturesque views of Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point, Chowk point and downhill village of Borgaon.  


Rambaug Point:
One of most attractive picnic spot which offer grandeur views of the vicinity and the wayside hilly ranges is Rambag Point in Matheran. This place is adorned with mind pleasing and eye catching environment, cool and pristine ambience and breathtaking sceneries. It is a perfect place to view the sunset. 


Chowk Point:
From this point one can view the beautiful Sahyadri ranges, Panvel town, Karnala Fort, Vishalgad Fort and Prabal fort.


Sunset Point:
Sunset Point is one of the picturesque tourist destinations. It's Good to watch sunset and one can enjoy the scenic views of the surroundings from here.


Garbut Point:
Situated five km from Matheran, it is famous for its views at sunrise and sunset. From here one can have view the Central Railway line as well as Bhivpuri and Khandala.


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